Coffeyville Regional Medical Centers Basement Bunch Walking Club awards top Walkers for 2017

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center officially kicked-off the annual Basement Bunch walking club in January of 2017. This is a free health incentive program that anyone can enjoy. 122 walkers have joined the CRMC Basement Bunch Walking Club.  The CRMC walking track is the perfect place for a safe, healthy walk, anytime….no matter what the weather.

Inside CRMC, you can walk in a climate-controlled environment on a padded walking track with proper lighting. The Walking Track is located in the basement by the Rehabilitation Services. Being a part of the CRMC Walkers Club comes with valuable advantages from Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. It’s also a great way to meet new people.

At the end of the year, we calculated miles, frequency and points for each of the 122 walkers that are in the program and we awarded three winners. 1st place – Tony Bourgeois – 872.55 miles, 2nd place- Kristy Jacobs – 769.60 miles and 3rd place – Melissa Wilmoth- 557.78 Miles. Each winner won a gift card to Shoe Sensation in Coffeyville.

“I was just thinking the other day that CRMC should give gift cards to a shoe store in town for a prize for the walking club. I was so shocked that I won a gift card and that they read my mind on getting new shoes! I walked so much that the treads were wearing off my shoes. We have met some pretty fantastic people on this track and I love walking here at CRMC,” said Kristi Jacobs.

Every month winners are posted on the CRMC Basement Bunch Walking Hall of Fame. All the winners are calculated by miles, frequency and points. Next time you are on the track, please take a look at the winners – January – Kristi Jacobs, February – Melissa Wilmoth, March- Linda Walls and April- Edna Mae Chittum. To join – stop by our registration table located on the walking track. The Basement Bunch is a free program.

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