Building Our Future

A Monumental Day for Coffeyville Regional Medical Center.

 On Tuesday, April 11, Senator Jerry Moran announced a $4M grant for CRMC towards the construction of a brand new CRMC Medical Group Rural Health Clinic to be located across the street from our current Emergency Department.

Brian Lawrence, President and CEO of CRMC, main the following remarks at the event:

With this grant, CRMC will be able to break down every barrier for people seeking healthcare. Our current rural health clinic creates many challenges for our patients. Because our clinic is located in a space not intended for primary care, patients walk the length of two football fields to get to an exam room. This greatly hinders the ability to access care.

Our brand new Rural Health Clinic, which will be located directly across from the Emergency Room entrance, will not only be more efficient but also have greater clinic capacity – allowing us to add additional medical providers and ultimately see more people. Making healthcare close to home achievable. With this blessing, we will be able to start construction very soon.

We appreciate the support our hospital receives from the many communities we serve. This is just the first step in many things to come this year. Through collaboration, innovation, and stewardship with our medical staff and strategic partners, we are fortifying the sustainability of CRMC for the future. We are transforming CRMC from a health system to a health platform – providing healthcare where and when you need it.

This is truly a great day for CRMC – and the patients that we serve. On behalf of the Associates, leadership team and the Board of Directors, we thank you, Senator Moran, for providing us with these funds for the betterment of healthcare in southeast Kansas.


Pledges for Kanas Tax Credit due by April 24th, 2023

CRMC is in the process of applying for the Kansas Community Service Tax Credits. The Tax Credit Application is due in April.

Located as a download on this page is a sample pledge letter that you might use to indicate your support.  These pledges are not legally binding and you can change or adjust what you might choose to contribute if/when the Tax Credits are awarded.  Our application is strengthened by the number of pledge letters we receive.  We will not enact your pledge upon award, you will need to reach out to Lisa Kuehn, Sr. Director of Strategic Development and Philanthropy at that time and indicate you would like your donation to start going towards the Tax Credit Project instead of where it is currently designated.  This is all dependent upon us being awarded the tax credits as well.

These are 70% Kansas tax credits due to the rural nature of our community (under 15,000 in population).  A donation of $1,000 for this project, would result in $700 in tax credits for the donor.  Donations of Cash, Stock, Bonds or other personal property can qualify.

If you have specific questions, please reach out to Lisa Kuehn. We appreciate your consideration of supporting this application with a pledge.  In addition to a sample pledge letter the full application guidelines are included if you would like to understand further the process of applying or provide more detail to your accountant.

Please submit your completed pledge letter to by April 24th, 2023.