Patient Safety

Patient Safety

Patient safety is our first priority at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. Some of the initiatives undertaken by Coffeyville Regional Medical Center to ensure patient safety and quality care are:

Bedside Medication Verification

This system gives patients barcodes on their wristbands when they’re admitted to the hospital. When a nurse is ready to administer medication, he or she scans the barcode on the patient’s wrist and scans the medication with the hand-held scanner. The barcodes ensure that the medication is correct for the patient. If the nurse scans the wrong medication, the computers in the patient’s room will immediately notify them. It’s this technology, combined with the new initiative of placing computers in every patient room that deems the technology at CRMC one of the most advanced in the area.

Fall Prevention Policy

All patients are assessed for fall risk upon admission in order to prevent falls where possible. In addition to general safety interventions that are implemented on all patients, additional interventions occur for high-risk patients.

Computerized Provider Order Entry

Due to advanced computerization at CRMC, doctors are able to enter information instantly into the hospital’s various systems. Besides being quicker, computerization eliminates an intermediary copying test results or a doctor’s notes into a patient’s record and potentially introducing errors into them.

Emergency Response Team

At Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, your safety is our top priority. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week we have a team made up of the emergency room physicians, highly qualified nurses, emergency medical providers (Paramedics/EMT), respiratory therapists and security personnel assigned to our Emergency Response Team. These team members are certified in Basic Life Support (CPR) as well as most of them in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Any person within CRMC may call a “CODE E” which activates the response team.