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Coffeyville Regional Medical Center challenges you to make your health a priority! We encourage you to  start incorporating healthy habits into your yearly, weekly and even daily routine. Whether you’re trying to get more sleep, trying to be more active, or trying to stay up-to-date on routine health checkups and screenings, at CRMC we believe that healthy habits lead to a healthier you!

CRMC’s Health Hub offers FREE downloadable resources to help you make education decisions about your health, nutrition and daily routine.

Find recipes that are tailored to heart health or help finding a meal plan that helps keep your diabetes under control.

Join CRMC’s dietitian Marsha Wingate every month to keep up-to-date on additional resources and tips to keep you at your best all year long.

September 2021 - Fiber

Browse our FREE resources below:

Daily Fiber Goals

Cut Out Added Sugars

Alcohol and the Workplace

Understanding Your Cholesterol

Improving Your Cholesterol

5 Daily Healthy Habits

Blood Pressure

12 Easy Ways to Enjoy Activity at Work

12 Week Guide to Walking


Health Habits Weekly Planner

30 Day Water Tracker


Health Habits Weekly Planner

30 Day Water Tracker