Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department

Our EMS Department at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center is a hospital-based service, meaning they provide assistance within the hospital, such as service on special committees, disaster preparedness and assisting in the ER with critical patients. The majority of EMS services across the country are fire-based, private, city or country-run services.

CRMC EMS covers the southern portion of Montgomery County, the southwestern corner of Labette County and the northeast corner of Nowata County in Oklahoma. They work very closely with the police and fire departments, standing by for police raids and structure fires. The rural and city fire departments will respond with EMS when requested to provide added manpower and render initial first responder care.

Skills and Education

EMS is staffed with Mobile Intensive Care Technicians (MICT’s/Paramedics) and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Three four-man crews provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. CRMC EMS is an Advanced Life Support service, which requires that each ambulance dispatched on a call or transfer will be staffed with at least one MICT on the ambulance.

MICTs are all highly trained, and are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Neonatal Advanced Life Support and pre-hospital Trauma Life Support. These certifications require rigorous skills and written exams.

All MICTs at CRMC are also certified in Advanced Hazmat Life Support (AHLS) which is a demanding certification, involving hazardous material, bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction medical training.

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center participates with Region 6 EMS, Southeast Kansas Homeland Security Committee, Local Emergency Preparedness Committee (LEPC) and Southeast Kansas Regional Hospital Preparedness Committee. EMS is also the medical support for the Southeast Regional Hazmat Response Team, which is comprised of EMS and the Coffeyville Fire Department. This hazmat team has made more responses in Region 6 than any of the other five regions in Kansas.


CRMC has four ambulances that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Each ambulance has 12 lead cardiac monitors and portable ventilators for adults, pediatric or infant patients and serves as a mobile ER. They also have added specialized equipment that can be utilized with certain types of respiratory problems, which can help keep the patient off of the ventilator and provide a better patient outcome.