The CRMC Foundation established the Shindig as a method of funding our Wilson Associate Education and Training Fund. With the cancellation of that event, we have taken the items that we had already collected and created an online auction event that can hopefully raise some funds for us to continue this trend.  The Auction opens on September 10th and will close at Noon on September 17th.

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So far in 2021, we were able to utilize funds to offer individual training and education for associates. This included 16 individual training sessions and 2 department-wide training events that are helping our associates grow in understanding and provide the highest possible healthcare. Some examples, just to name a few, are:

  • Sponsored an Oncology Nursing Review Course for new Oncology Nurse
  • Sent four medical imaging employees to MRI Safety Officer Training
  • Sent two additional nurses to certification for PICC Line Insertion
  • Purchased continuing education materials for 12 months for all clinical lab associates
  • Sponsored our Oncology Director attending virtual Oncology Nursing Society Congress
  • Sent our Occupational Medical Specialist to be certified in Hearing Conservation and Pulmonary Function

If you would like to be a part of helping us continue and grow this trend of helping our associates, please tell your friends, bid on an item or just help us promote the auction on your social media.  Thanks for your help in advance!

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The Coffeyville Regional Medical Center Foundation is committed to providing the hospital with the philanthropic support it needs to continue to serve patients in our community with the highest quality care.  Improvements to healthcare systems are funded three ways:

  • The hospital’s operating margin
  • Philanthropy
  • Debt

The impact of donor support is tremendous.

Every $100 donation = $10,000 in billable hospital services

For instance, if CRMC Foundation raises $100,000 each year in charitable gifts, the hospital would need to bill out $10 Million in health care services to replace that amount with operating dollars.

Donated dollars are not used to cover salaries or fundraising costs.  Each donated dollar is spent directly on whatever purpose the donor indicates.

As a nonprofit hospital, revenue alone does not cover all the costs associated with maintaining and upgrading our community hospital and vital equipment. Charitable gifts are essential in strengthening the healthcare programs, building projects and the educational goals of CRMC.

Every gift matters, no matter what size, truly makes a difference.


To provide support and financial assistance to Coffeyville Regional Medical Center to achieve and maintain excellence as a healthcare provider and leader for the community served.


Coffeyville Regional Medical Center Foundation provides opportunities for people to invest their time, money and energy in a mutually beneficial relationship that makes CRMC the patient-centered hospital of choice.

For information on how you can assist Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, please contact the Foundation office at 620-252-1674 or [email protected].

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center Foundation
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