Coffeyville Regional Medical Center Foundation manages many funds that support quality healthcare experiences for all patients at CRMC.  Wherever your passion and interest lie, we have a fund that will connect you with a program or service that is personally meaningful to you.  If you are interested in a fund other than what you see here, contact Foundation Director, Amy Taylor so she make sure your gift is directed as you desire.

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Funds can be designated on the form, or leave instructions in the Notes section.

Area of Greatest Need Fund
The Area of Greatest Need Fund allows the CRMC Foundation to respond to whatever area of service is experiencing the greatest need at that time.

Building Our Future Fund
The Building Our Future Fund will raise financial support for the physical changes needed at CRMC.

Cancer Care N Share Fund
The Care N Share Fund supports cancer patients with incidental expenses such as nutritional supplements, fuel cards for transportation to treatments and other items that support them in their journey.

Wilson Associate Education Fund
The Dr. & Mrs. Wilson Associate Education Fund supports training and educational opportunities for associates, allowing them to best serve CRMC in their role.

Employee Benevolence Fund
The Employee Benevolence Fund assists CRMC employees who are experiencing temporary financial distress resulting from a catastrophic life event.

Tatman Cancer Center Fund
The Tatman Cancer Center Fund supports needs within the Tatman Cancer Center and the patients that we serve who are battling cancer.

Women’s Health Fund
The Women’s Health Fund supports high quality health care services to women at all stages of life.  The Geeta Sandhu Women’s Health Services Unit serves patients as they welcome newborn babies or recover from surgery.