Top Tips for Healthy Holiday Travel

Family walking through airport

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is here and you may be preparing for holiday travel. Whether by land or air, we’ve got ways to help you stay healthy while on the go. Here are our Top Tips for Healthy Holiday Travel!

In the car?

  1. Quench your thirst with bottled water, diet, or low-calorie beverages instead of sugar-sweetened drinks. You can add slices of lemon, lime, cucumber, or watermelon, or any fruit you like, to flavor your water. Sparkling water is also another no calorie option. Bring along a reusable water bottle.
  1. Stave off hunger with nutritious nibbles. Pack healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, and nuts to eat instead of cookies, chips, or candy. These healthy snacks can help keep you satisfied. When you have healthy foods handy, you’re less likely to eat something unhealthy.

At a rest stop or convenience store?

  1. Choose healthy food. Rest stops and convenience stores can offer a variety of food options. Choose snacks or meals that best support healthy eating. You can also bring your own food to keep your body and your wallet happy!
  1. Increase your physical activity. A rest stop is also a good place to get active. While you’re there, take 10 minutes to walk, jog, do a few jumping jacks or other exercises you like. Some physical activity is better than none! Those 10 minutes you spend being active can add to the recommended 150 minutes of aerobic physical activity pdf icon[PDF-8.35 MB]external icon you need a week.

At the airport?

  1. Walk to your gate. Many airports have trains or shuttles that take you to your gate or terminal. When possible, increase your physical activity by walking there instead. Some airports now have signs to tell you how far it is to walk instead of riding the train.
  1. Keep breastfeeding. Travel doesn’t mean you have to stop breastfeeding whether you are traveling with your baby or not! Nursing may make travel with your infant easier than it would have been with a bottle-fed infant or child. You may find it helpful to bring a sling or soft infant carrier with you, to make nursing easier while on the go. When traveling apart from your baby, electric breast pumps can be carried on planes, and freshly expressed breastmilk can be safely stored at room temperature for up to about 4 hours for infant consumption.

For more information about how to eat well and be active, visit the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity website.

Don’t forget to book your annual wellness exam! Find a primary care physician near you and make an appointment today.