I choose CRMC Dr. Sarah Kelley

Dr. Sarah Kelley is an Optometrist who practices in Independence. She chose to have her baby at CRMC for several reasons, one of which – CRMC is where she was born, delivered by Dr. Allen Gillis. The other reason–it so happened that the CRMC Medical Group clinic in Independence is located across the street from her work, which made it convenient for appointments. She chose Dr. Stephen Miller to deliver her baby because of his many years of experience as an OB/GYN.

This being Dr. Kelley’s first baby, she explained “I am a planner and always have a detailed idea of how things are going to go.” She went into labor early in the evening on a Monday and stayed home until the following evening before driving to CRMC. When they arrived at the hospital, Dr. Kelley said the moment she walked in, there were three or four nurses on the floor, and one happened to be a girl she had known in high school. “What I liked about the nurses and staff,” said Dr. Kelley, “was how helpful everyone was; they always made me feel at ease.”

Dr. Kelley had already predetermined she did not want an epidural, but that didn’t work out as she planned, and ended up with one anyway. That was okay because of the confidence she had in Dr. Miller. “Dr. Miller put me at ease and I was comfortable with his decisions regarding my care.”

One last parting comment, Dr. Kelley shared, “It’s the little things that are important. Being a new parent, I wasn’t sure what needed to be done, but the staff was there to answer questions and was very helpful. They even installed the car seat in my vehicle for me before we left the hospital. After I got home, the nurse I went to high school with reached out to me on Facebook and let me know she was there to offer support if I needed it. It’s the little things that made it a great experience.”