Pacemaker Clinic

The pacemaker clinic at CRMC is designed to give our patients the best care possible. We have a professionally trained staff of registered nurses who are utilized to promote optimal cardiac hemodynamics and to enhance outcomes and quality of life for our patients.

Patients should understand their pacemakers and carry a card providing information on the rate and pulse width settings, as well as the pacemaker brand, model and serial number. An organized system of follow-up is important for all pacemaker patients, and this is best done through membership in a formal pacemaker follow-up clinic.

The follow-up clinic can involve periodic outpatient visits or simply over-the-phone checkups. Both methods have their advantages. Periodic visits to a clinic make possible a detailed evaluation of the pacemaker, including such measures as determining pulse width threshold as a basis for establishing the long-term setting of the pulse width. However, these manipulations are seldom necessary, clinically, and the greater convenience of the telephone clinic makes it a more popular method of follow-up.