Danielle Sallee named 4th Quarter BEE Honoree

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce Danielle Sallee in ER as the 2023 4th Quarter BEE Honoree.  She is recognized for her hard work and helping others.

BEE Honoree: Danielle Sallee
Department: ER
Nominated by: EMS Shift A

We want to recognize Danielle Sallee for all her hard work in the ER and EMS. She is a very hard and dedicated worker and is always running around stocking or caring for patients by helping the staff in the ER. You can tell that she keeps the ER running smooth and getting patients triaged in an appropriate and timely matter. She makes sure rooms stay cleaned, stocked, and ready for use. When we bring in a patient, she is always there to greet us and ready to obtain report. She also can get the patient triaged and put into Meditech in a timely matter so the ER physician and RN’s can take over care of the patient. One example in EMS was by helping get our cot and monitor back together to be able to run a call while EMS went upstairs to Acute Care for a Code E. This was much appreciated and very helpful to EMS. We have noticed she is always up on her feet doing something every time we are in the ER even when the RNs are at the desk charting or with the patients. She is a jack of all trades in the ER and a great asset to CRMC ER and EMS, and our patients. She is a role model for our mission and values at CRMC.


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