CRMC Foundation Announces the Han Family Departmental Awards

CRMC Foundation Announces the Han Family Departmental Awards

The Coffeyville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) Foundation has awarded three Dr. and Mrs. Chan S. Han Family Scholarship Awards for training and equipment within Coffeyville Regional Medical Center.  Following the passion of the Han Family, awards were made to departments that wanted to increase their department training for associates or enhance equipment within their department.

Awards of the Han Family Departmental Scholarships will go to the Wound Care Clinic, the CRMC Medical Group Pediatric Clinic and CRMC Rehabilitation Department.

“We are forever grateful at CRMC for the legacy of learning and support that the Han Family is providing for our staff,” said Chief Nursing Officer Sarah Hoy. “Generosity like this allows us to continue to serve our patients with modern, evidence based high quality healthcare.”

The CRMC Wound Care Clinic will send one of their nurses to get additional training and certification in Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments.  Hyperbaric medicine helps the body repair wounds and fight infection.  Patients breathe 100% pure oxygen while in a special pressurized chamber.  This improves healing by allowing greater amounts of oxygen to dissolve in the bloodstream and reach body tissues.

The Pediatric Clinic will have a new Spot Vision Screener for use with pediatric patients. Preventative screening and early intervention are imperative to the growth and development of infants and children.  Providing instrument-based vision screening, in addition to traditional acuity testing, will enhance screening, diagnosis, and treatment to allow for intervention at a much earlier age.   It is estimated that one in five preschool-age children have a vision disorder.

The CRMC Rehabilitation Department will focus on training and resources to expand their knowledge and resources for helping patients on the Autism Spectrum.  The current patient base of the Rehabilitation department includes approximately 32% of patients are pediatric.  Many patients require more than one discipline with roughly 25% of the pediatric population having the medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Dr. Chan Han began practicing in Coffeyville in 1974 and retired in 2014.  For forty years, he served the community as a dedicated Pediatrician taking care of multiple generations.  The Dr. and Mrs. Chan S. Han Family Scholarship Award Fund was established by Dr. and Mrs. Han’s sons: Dr. Yong Y. Han, Dr. Yong S. Han and Y. Sam Han in honor of their parents and as a way to give back to the community they love and call their hometown.

The Coffeyville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) Foundation operates as a separate 501©3 corporation.  It is our mission to provide financial support and assistance to the hospital so that they may achieve and maintain excellence as a healthcare provider and leader for the communities that we serve.

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