Keleher is May 2023 Bee Winner

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce Samantha Keleher in Utilization Review as the May 2023 BEE Honoree.  She is recognized for her hard work and helping others.

I would like to nominate Kim Knight for the Bee Awards for her continued demonstration of amazing customer service and for showing pride in her work. Kim is always inviting and friendly to all who enter the cafeteria – from early morning breakfast to serving us during lunch. Even when the crowd gets large and sometimes rowdy, she handles the situations with grace and kindness. Recently, the cafeteria received an amazing gift of grant dollars to purchase a new cooler and salad bar. Kim immediately began work on showcasing all of the department’s fine food in the new cooler – making everything look so inviting and good! The salad bar is always kept very neat and clean and it too looks amazing. I know that the cafeteria is a team effort and I applaud them all for their hard work and team efforts. Nevertheless, I believe it is necessary and very much appropriate to call out Kim for going the extra mile and making us all have a better day by always being a bright spot we see first thing in the morning.

Thank you, Kim!