CRMC Foundation Announces the Dr. and Mrs. Wilson Associate Education Fund

The CRMC Foundation is pleased to announce the Dr. and Mrs. James Wilson Associate Education Fund.  The Wilson Fund will be dedicated to providing specialized training and educational opportunities for CRMC associates.  This fund will assist CRMC associates in pursuing training that goes above and beyond the certifications required for their position.

“It is truly a gift when you have donors like the Wilson family who understand the value of education for our associates,” said Coffeyville Regional Medical Center CEO Brian Lawrence.  “This fund will allow us to support our employees as they grow individually to better serve our patients and community.”

Dr. and Mrs. James Wilson arrived in Coffeyville, Kansas in 1971.  Dr. Wilson came to CRMC to be the first CRMC pathologist and manage our lab for the community hospital.  Dr. and Mrs. Wilson were passionate about recruiting others to the community and spent many hours personally recruiting physicians and healthcare professionals to the CRMC team and the community.

“Listening to Mrs. Wilson talk about the history of our hospital, you really come to understand how pivotal each and every person has been in the building of our community hospital,” said Foundation Director Lisa Kuehn. “I’m extremely grateful for those who have had the forethought to understand what our community would need and how to get us there.  Appreciating our past and all of our history is a tremendous part of moving forward.  I am extremely grateful for the Wilsons and all the others who have given tirelessly to CRMC.”

The Wilsons have always been passionate about serving others and investing in others as they pursue their educational goals. The Wilsons’ raised five sons who now live throughout the United States: Robert, David, Charles, William, and George.

After Dr. Wilson’s passing in 2006, Mrs. Wilson stayed in Coffeyville, declaring it her hometown.  She is passionate about serving others and is an avid horticulturist.

The Coffeyville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) Foundation operates as a separate 501©3 corporation.  It is our mission to provide financial support and assistance to the hospital so that they may achieve and maintain excellence as a healthcare provider and leader for the communities that we serve.

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