Coffeyville Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce Stephen Miller, DO, and Donald White, MD, have been named the 2023 Inductees to the CRMC Hall of Fame.

This award honors the people who have made an outstanding, long-lasting contribution to healthcare in our community. CRMC Hall of Fame nominations may recognize healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, administrators, board members, advocates, and others for their impact on our community, concern for patients and services offered.

“This award is truly a way for us to celebrate the life and legacy of pioneers who have made CRMC the amazing organization it is today”, said Brian Lawrence, MHA, President and CEO. “Dr. White began reading x-rays at CRMC in 1973 and served in many capacities. He was instrumental in the expansion of radiation oncology as he recruited Dr. Terry Powell to be our first Radiation Oncologist. Dr. Miller has delivered well over 20,000 babies in his career here. His passion and dedication to women’s health has extended over many generations.”

An official Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremony will be held in the Fall.

Allen Gillis, DO, and Chan S. Han, MD, were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2022, adding to the list of exceptional healthcare professionals honored. The Hall of Fame is located on the walls of the first floor main corridor of CRMC.

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