CRMC adds High Tech Camera to Surgery Department

Dr. Michelle McGuirk, CRMC General Surgeon, is using the latest technology in laparoscopic cameras and technology in the CRMC Surgery Department. She is currently using the Stryker 1588 AIM Platform camera, which is designed with five distinct advanced imaging modalities that allow surgeons to see more and do more during surgery. Each modality was developed through surgeon feedback with an emphasis on patient safety. With advanced imaging, the Platform camera is designed to improve the ability to identify critical anatomy, as well as increase efficiencies in operating procedures. The 1588 AIM platform offers nine surgical specialties to optimize color and lighting settings by user and specialty.

The 1588 AIM (advanced imaging modalities) is the next generation visualization platform. The 1588 AIM platform includes a number of technological advancements changing the way the surgeon visualizes the surgical field. The Platform offers premium optics with seamless integration and cross-specialty functionality, in addition to advanced imaging capabilities, designed to allow surgeons to better visualize anatomy.

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