Coffeyville Regional Medical Center Welcomes General Surgeon Aaron Russell, MD to the Medical Staff

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center welcomes Aaron Russell, MD to the medical staff. He completed medical school at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston in 2013, and recently completed his General Surgery Residency at Texas A&M University in Temple, Texas (located north of Austin, Texas).   Prior to going to school to become a physician, Dr. Russell worked in Engineering at companies involved in research and development, some of which were working on medical advancements.

Asked why he decided to become a physician, Dr. Russell said, “My undergraduate degree was in Electrical Engineering.  I worked at Lockheed Martin in New Jersey for a year, and then Texas Instruments in Houston, Texas for the next five years.  I had friends in college who told me to do pre-med because I wouldn’t have to take many additional courses.  I initially told them that I hated biology in high school and didn’t want to do it again.  However, while I was working in New Jersey, I decided to take a night Biology course.  I loved it!  With my engineering background and learning how things work, I was completely enthralled by the sophisticated systems that were designed within our bodies to work in harmony with each other.  I chose surgery because I enjoyed the intimacy and connection the surgeon has with his or her patient.  The patient puts utmost trust in the surgeon to relieve their illness by placing their life in his or her hands.”

Dr. Russell chose to practice at CRMC because he said he liked Coffeyville from the moment he came here… “Everyone I interacted with was extremely caring and friendly.  It was evident that all the staff at CRMC was very proud of their facility and cared much about their patients.  I wanted to be in a facility in which that kind of atmosphere was very prevalent. Dr. Russell will be performing general surgery procedures such as gallbladders, appendectomies, hernias, colonic surgery and upper/lower endoscopy.

Dr. Russell has three children ages 12, 9 and 5.  His interests include programming and robotics.  He loves music, biking, golfing, and just enjoying the outdoors.

Dr. Russell is seeing patients at CRMC Medical Group Specialty Clinic located on the 3rd floor of Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. To schedule an appointment, call 620-252-1639.

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