Breedwell Recognized for Being Exceptional Every Day.

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce Samantha Breedwell as the February 2022 BEE Honoree. Breedwell, nominated by Dr. Landon Vinson and the entire ER Staff. She is being recognized for her hard work and helping others.

Nomination #1 from Dr. Landon Vinson:

On the afternoon of February 11, 2022, Samantha informed the Emergency Department staff that we were on backorder for IV start kits, which is a hugely utilized part of our daily use and routine. She then presented two large plastic totes with 60 kits and took it upon herself to make. She used supplies already available and combined them into individual kits, was able to make 60 additional start kits while we wait for back ordered materials, and did all of this on her own volition. This ingenuity, drive, and ambition is what makes this hospital a great place to work and makes us as providers and bedside caregivers feel supported and taken care of. These actions mean that when patients come in needing life-saving interventions and stabilization, we will be able to carry out our jobs and keep the community safe, all because Samantha realized the importance of her role in letting no detail go unnoticed. Job emphatically well done and my sincerest gratitude for keeping the engine of our hospital going.

Nomination #1 from the ER Staff:

Samantha came to the Emergency Department to inform us that the IV start kits are on backorder. Samantha has the individual supplies that come in the IV start kits but Samantha went out of her way to make up IV start kits to be readily available for use in the Emergency Department to save the staff time to locate each individual item. We as a shift appreciate her going above and beyond for our Department.


The BEE (Being Exceptional Everyday) Award honors and recognizes team members outside of nursing who go Beyond Exceptional Expectations. These team members provide extraordinary experiences for our patients, their families, and visitors by exemplifying quality service and extraordinary care.


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