94-year-old twins reminisce on 4 decades of volunteering at CRMC

COFFEYVILLE, Kans. —A pair of 94-year-old Coffeyville twins have volunteered at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center for the last four decades. Laudine Luhn and Florene Carnes volunteer at the front desk every Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Florene started volunteering in 1977 after her parents got sick and spent time in the hospital.
She wanted to give back and has been doing it ever since. “To put on my uniform every Wednesday morning and I think, oh, I’ve been doing this for forty-five years,” said Florene.
The hospital CEO, Brian Lawrence, says the twins are a blessing to guests and staff. “I bet ya we’re the only hospital around with 94 year old twins,” said Lawrence. “Our patients are blessed by them. Our staff is blessed by them. I cannot think of a better representation of our organization and what we strive to be that’s what we’re trying to do is make people happy and keep them here instead of going out of town to other hospitals,” said Lawrence.
Laudine joined her sister about ten years later when Laudine retired from the bank after 35 years.”We do everything together,” said the twins. The twins also volunteer at the Salvation Army and go grocery shopping and attend church together. “I call her every morning at 10:30 and she calls me every night at ten so we check on each other,” said Florene. A year ago, their doctor told them to stop pushing patients in wheelchairs. “We still push them sometimes. It’s not work to us.
We just thank the lord every morning and every night for getting us through the day and that we’re able to be with each other, god has certainly blessed us. He really has blessed us,” said Florene.
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