CRMC Awarded $2.1 Million in SPARK Funds

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center was recently awarded $2.1 million in SPARK funds from Montgomery County Action Council. The Montgomery County SPARK grant was intended to help small businesses and nonprofits with unexpected COVID related expenses and necessary Public Health (COVID-19) emergency expenses.

“The award of these SPARK funds will allow CRMC to purchase medical equipment and launch our new telehealth platform.  The hospital will be able to purchase needed equipment as we provide care for those that become ill from COVID-19 and need hospitalization.  The addition of telehealth services will allow us to serve our patients from their homes if possible and will also allow us to seek specialty care from outside providers without requiring our patients to travel,” said Lisa Kuehn, CRMC Foundation Director .  “We look forward to upgrading equipment and giving our dedicated healthcare workers the tools that they need to provide the best possible patient experience. Coffeyville Regional Medical Center would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Montgomery County Commissioners for their recent award.”

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