Join CRMC Basement Bunch Walkers Club starting in January

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center invites you to join the CRMC Walkers program. The CRMC walking track is the perfect place for a safe, healthy walk, anytime … no matter what the weather.

Inside CRMC, you can walk in a climate-controlled environment on a padded walking track with proper lighting. The Walking Track is located in the basement by Rehabilitation Services.

Being part of the CRMC Walkers Club comes with valuable advantages from Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. It’s also a great way to meet new people. An indoor track is a great way to get in a walking workout away from the weather. Whether you live in a climate that is too hot and you want to stay cool, or too cold and you want to avoid frostbite, or too wet and you don’t want to melt in the rain, an indoor track is a solution.


8:00am – CRMC Walking Track


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