CRMC Approved to Purchase New Somatom Perspective 64-slice CT Scanner

Innovative CT scanner delivers high image quality and low radiation dose for all patients.

The Coffeyville Regional Medical Center Board of Directors have approved the purchase of a SOMATOM Perspective CT scanner from Siemens Medical Solutions.  The SOMATOM Perspective offers the ability to extend the range of available examinations to our patients at reduced radiation dose. The SOMATOM Perspective is an innovative solution that helps us provide maximum care for patients.

“In our continued efforts to deliver the best patient care, our new scanner incorporates dose-reduction technologies along with patient-centric features that streamline the scan making for a comfortable and relaxed patient experience,” said Danny Bernd, Director of Radiology.

The SOMATOM Perspective can image all body regions and is able to detect small diagnostic details by using information from 64 slices.  With the added benefit of a 38 mm wide detector, trade-offs between scan speed and image quality are not necessary and breath hold for your patients is reduced thereby decreasing the need for rescans, which can be particularly essential in an emergency situation.

Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE) helps to reduce dose by up to 60% for a wide range of applications and delivers superior image quality.  You can be assured that we are delivering best in class imaging while reducing radiation dose for your patients.

The SOMATOM Perspective uses Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) that help simplify and automate time-consuming, complex procedures, thus supporting our clinical team at every stage of the CT examination helping them spend more time with the patients.

The SOMATOM Perspective incorporates a patient-friendly design for excellent access and patient positioning and offers Illumination MoodLight to brighten the exam room atmosphere.

“This is a significant investment in our medical communities here in Southeast Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma,” said Dr. Mark Woodring, Chief Executive Officer of CRMC.  “We appreciate the continued confidence of our communities, and the hard work and success of our staff, physicians, and providers, which allows us the opportunity to reinvest back into new, essential equipment and infrastructure that supports higher quality, and safer care, being delivered at CRMC.”

The SOMATOM will replace CRMC’s existing 64-slice CT scanner purchased in 2010, which remains the most state-of-the-art CT scan currently offered in Montgomery County.

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